Ford F550 Coast Guard People Carrier Air Ride Suspension

2012 Ford F550 people carrier/tow rig  for the Canadian Coast Guard. This truck is used to carry personnel and tow a rigid hull inflatable boat for training exercises on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. The complaint was it has a really rough ride on the roads up near Bamfield. The personnel being transported were getting sore and the equipment was really taking a beating.


After a lengthy inspection we found that the rear carrier/box is solid mounted to the chassis and the truck is constantly riding on the overloads.

The solution is a complete rear Ultra Ride Air System from Link Systems.  This system changes from a traditional leaf spring suspension to full rear air ride. The quality of this kit is amazing.

CCGS (2) CCGS (3)

Today is tear down day, so stay tuned for the final results.


Installation is well under way today.                               Dang mechanics, always laying around.

ccgs2 (4) ccgs2 (2)


ccgs2 (3) ccgs2

What a difference the Air Ride Suspension has made with this truck. The ride is much smoother.